price action trading

The 9 Price Action Secrets You Should Know By Heart

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Trading using Prtice Action alone is touted by many as an easily learned path to trading success; that it is easy to learn, and is all you need to book a succession of winning trades and be profitable. Like all absolutist myths like this, there are seeds of truth that give the appearance of a valid statement, but as always …

ADX Strategy

Learn How The ADX Indicator Works And Spot Trends Early

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ADX indicator. Traders make money when price begins trending, up or down, from one price level to another. The challenge has always been to determine when price is breaking out of a trading range and solidifying into a trend, versus a brief move out of the range only to revert back to the mean. An effective tool for spotting trends …

candlestick chart analysis

A Candlestick Pattern Cheat Sheet Like No Other

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Candlestick patterns are a key piece of chart analysis. They are not everything, though some will claim it, but they give key insights to the overall picture the chart is presenting to you. The problem is there are many of them, often slight variations of the same thing. E.g. Shooting Star and Bearish Abandoned Baby. You have to study these …

Richard Wyckoff - supply and demand

The New Supply And Demand Trading Strategies

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After enough time trying to learn trading well enough to make your account balance go up (rather than the opposite), you eventually learn about Richard Wyckoff. Even though he died in 1934 his legacy of creating a window into the machinations of the instutions and major players in the securities markets is still as valid today as the day he …