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Ed Seykota Gives 12 Price Action Trading Quotes

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Ed Seykota was one of the traders profiled in Market Wizards. His actual interview was packed with trading wisdom, but it was notable his name kept coming up in the inerviews of other of the Market Wizards as well.

He was a big influence on other traders back then, and he still is today. His penetrating insight that “everybody gets what they want out of the markets” leaves you pondering and embarking on some self examination. What ARE you doing in the market. Why really are you trading? What need does it fill for you?

If you are having trouble breaking even, or staying profitable, the chances are good you are using trading for something other than making money. There is some emotional need it fills in you.

This is Ed Seykota’s insight and his reputation for being brutally honest. Because if you are not serious about becoming a profitable trader, why on earth are you doing it?

Well … Steve Burns of NewTraderU has put together 12 of Ed Seykota’s rules for being a profitable trader. After you read them, write them out and review regularly.


When traders want advice on their trading what better place to go than someone who had both big and consistent returns over a very long period of time? “Mr. Seykota himself has put together a money management track record with returns of roughly +60% net of fees over the three-decade span of his trading career” 12 Price Action Trading Quotes by Ed Seykota

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The favorite one of his quotes I have from the article is: “If you want to know everything about the market, go to the beach. Push and pull your hands with the waves. Some are bigger waves, some are smaller. But if you try to push the wave out when it’s coming in, it’ll never happen. The market is always right”. I like it because it reduces the complexity of the market to a simple, but very apt analogy.

We’ve all been to the beach and we’ve all experienced this with waves. If you have body surfed, you also know that not every wave is worth taking. In fact you try with some and it’s no use … they’re not surfable. You have to wait for the right wave, that is cresting right where you are, and then you swim like mad and off you go … surfing down the way, spray shooting out from under your chin.

It’s the same with trends and trading. But it takes time to understand charts, get your emotions under control, and understand what the opportunities are when trends present themselves.

Ed distilled his trading wisdom in The Whipsaw Song. Have a listen.

Trading is a life long pursuit where we learn a lot about ourselves, and to the degree we can master ourselves and the practice of profitable trading, we’ll also make money.

Thanks Ed.

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